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Al onze activiteiten


With COMAP since 1985
Customer Service Support – COMAP Benelux

"I provide customer service teams with technical support on IT interfaces and products. Having worked for COMAP for over 28 years in IT and procurement, as well as in-store, I have gained a real insight into the company and its products, which makes me highly versatile".


With COMAP since 2005
Laboratory manager – Abbeville plant (Somme)

"I test products in development, products from our production lines and products already on the market. I manage the laboratory and organise the equipment, particularly in terms of calibration and machine maintenance. I can also customise test benches to meet specific requirements."


With COMAP since 1998
Central Southern Regional Director – COMAP France

"After working as a sales manager for the different COMAP product lines, I became a regional director. I am in charge of guiding, motivating and supporting sales teams in my sector, in line with the company's goals. I spend several days on-site in order to be as familiar as possible with the needs of the contractors and consultants, as well as our client-distributors."


With COMAP since 2009 – aged 29
Automation Appliance Technician

"My main mission consists in designing smarter products, by integrating mechanic, electronic & embedded computing. I design those products taking care to respect the constraints given by the marketing department. With the R&I team we aim to offer products in line with current practices and future challenges in energy optimization."


With COMAP since 2010
Marketing Assistant – COMAP Benelux

"In marketing, we work closely with the sales force on producing catalogues and brochures and organising trade fairs, promotional events and online campaigns. My job is to develop the tools and materials we need to promote our products and their strengths and advantages, and to provide the best possible support to sales". 

Juan José

With COMAP since 2003
International operations manager – Chécy logistics centre (45)

"I was the purchasing and logistics manager at COMAP Iberica for 7 years before joining the Chécy centre, where I have capitalised on this experience in a trading subsidiary. At Chécy, I manage a team of 11 people (team leaders and order pickers) who handle and process orders for all our export activities. This normally represents a volume of more than 40,000 packages each month." 


With COMAP since 2011
Product Manager, Control Solutions

"I'm responsible for thermostatic equipment and balancing products, which are a key part of our thermal control range. My job is to manage these on a day-to-day basis and to provide the right decision-making tools. I'm also in charge of developing new energy-saving products which will be added to our existing range". 


With COMAP since 2011
Apprentice tool setter – Brescia plant (Italy)

"I set the machines up for manufacturing parts, depending on the orders that are sent to me. I set the parameters so that the parts conform to the specifications. I'm currently training to be a machine tool setter. As an apprentice, I benefit from the experience of my colleagues and team leader."

Nasserdine Business Engineer COMAP France


With COMAP since 2005
Midi Pyrénées Business Engineer – COMAP France

"I have an undergraduate degree in industrial product sales and I began my career with COMAP as an intern in the technical department. I was then hired as a business technician, and subsequently was appointed manager of the design and quoting office for the French subsidiary. Since 2011, I have been working on-site again as a business engineer. My main tasks involve offering tailored solutions to each workplace, leading negotiations and ensuring monitoring on a case-by-case basis. My role also involves training and assisting clients."


With COMAP since 1996
Production manager – Brescia plant (Italy)

"I started out with COMAP in 1996 as a tool setter. In 2005, I was put in charge of the machining workshop and since 2010 I have worked as a production manager. As a manager, I'm in charge of the teams and overall production management. I also ensure compliance with the different safety and environmental procedures at the plant. Finally, I oversee investment projects which enable us to expand or upgrade our machinery."